Free QwikAd Strategy

How To Supercharge Your Free QwikAd.

QwikAd is a great deal if you consider how simple it is to create a very attractive ad and post it for free (without even registering).

Then factor in the free affiliate program that pays you $2 for every referral ad that is sold from any of your web pages and it becomes a SCREAMING BARGAIN !!!.

So What's The Problem?

If you use QuikAd for free, you can only post your ad to one city at a time without paying for upgrades. With Thousands of ads in the database, it is highly unlikely yours will even be seen, let alone get your desired response.

The Simple Solution

  • Focus your ad so people using free advertising will surely notice the difference.
  • Come up with an eye-catching image (570px X415px) to post with your ad (use for free).
  • Layout the description with Click Bait so they will continue.
  • Don't Forget To Add The *Secret Sauce!!!

Everyone posting or reading these ads is interested in free advertising, so that is the best thing to show them.

There are plenty of websites to create your own graphics, or find a friend that can help you (even if you find them on Fiverr)

They all have something to sell already that probably isn't working too well, so help them further their own agenda. They will help you later.

The *Secret Sauce is to use other free advertising to bring traffic to your ad. Follow the same concept, attract people struggling with promotion by showing them a new idea they can use for free.

The best free advertising I have found yet is FreeAdvertisingForYou and yes it really is free, with upgrades you can earn free with activity. I eventually did pay to upgrade to a VIP account, but I did it with free bonus money I earned from them.

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I hope you can see that the Internet is changing and we need to change with it, or be left behind. Feel free to contact me with comments or questions on IBO Toolbox (also free).

FREE Programs

If you have not tried QwikAd yourself, you are missing out Big Time. Click this banner and see how simple it is to post ads, then register as an affiliate to start collecting $2.00 commissions for free.

If you live in the United States or Canada, you can use a free to join website that has paid me for over 10 years to cover any other costs to make money.
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